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Medical Complaint Information



Medical doctors are licensed and regulated by the Medical Board of California

(800) 633-2322

Complaints may be filed online at or submitted in hard copy form. A Consumer Complaint Form, including instructions for completing it may be found at A hard copy Consumer Complaint Form should be submitted to:

Medical Board of California

Central Complaint Unit

2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1200

Sacramento, CA  95815

The Central Complaint Unit of the Medical Board of California is found by calling 1-800-633-2322 or by calling 916-263-2382.


To file a consumer compliant you can request a complaint form by calling 1-800-382-5516 or 317-232-6330 and file the form with the Attorney General’s Office or complete the complaint online.  The on-line complaint form is found at


Department of Health

Complaint Unit



Complaints about physicians, as well as other licensees and registrants of the Texas Medical Board, including physician assistants, acupuncturists, and surgical assistants may be reported for investigation at the following address:

Texas Medical Board

Attention: Investigations

333 Guadalupe, Tower 3, Suite 610

P.O. Box 2018, MC-263

Austin, Texas 78768-2018

Assistance in filing a complaint is available by calling the following telephone number: 1-800-201-9353, For more information, please visit our website at


Las quejas sobre médicos, asi como sobre otros profesionales acreditados e inscritos del Consejo Médico de Tejas, incluyendo asistentes de médicos, practicantes de acupuntura y asistentes de cirugia, se pueden presentar en la siguiente dirección para ser investigadas:

Texas Medical Board

Attention: Investigations

333 Guadalupe, Tower 3, Suite 610

P.O. Box 2018, MC-263

Austin, Texas 78768-2018

Si necesita ayuda para presentar una queja, llame al: 1-800-201-9353, Para obtener más información, visite nuestro sitio web en


The Vermont Board of Medical Practice investigates complaints of unprofessional conduct. If you have a concern about a medical professional, you may contact the Board as indicated below. For more information see the Board’s website here:



108 Cherry Street, PO Box 70

Burlington, VT 05402-0070